The halls

Matrimoni e ricevimenti di eccellenza in ville, castelli, dimore storiche

Villa Dionisi has the typical traditional plant of a Venetian villa: on the sides of the vast central hall, with entrances from both ends, the various wide and luminous rooms are symmetrically arranged. A sumptuous staircase, with ceiling and architectural decorations painted by Giuseppe Montanari, leads upstairs. The first floor has the same plant as the ground floor with in the middle a central hall decorated with a beautiful fresco painted by Gru and Montanari. In the rooms, the partition of the walls recalls the so-called panneaux: light and elongated vertical squares framed by delicate stucco profiles, where doors, windows, portraits of ancestors and "Lords of the house" are harmoniously inserted. This quest for grace, elegance and light forms reveals the 'private' taste of the rococo.

The alcove, designed for the short stays of deacon brother Giovanni Jacopo, is an authentic jewel of interior design. The finesse of the stucco, the decorations, the careful use of gently curved lines delimiting the area of the bed, the bright chromaticity of the walls, where white is combined with soft colors, the shapes of the saints in the circles and the pretty heads on the capitals, everything has been perfectly studied so as to create a remarkable unitary effect.

The library, once the reading room, studio and archive of the Dionisi family, today holds a collection of books on furniture.